Flossy Fox


Flossy Fox is Brushy Bear’s sidekick. She entered our world by accident, and discovered she could pull a string of fiber from the end of her tail.

Flossy is sarcastic, witty, and quick to laugh. She is self-reliant and worldly, but friendly, and open in spite of her enjoyment of teasing.

While Flossy Fox is aware that Brushy Bear’s mohawk indicates his leader status, and has told him so, she remains oblivious to his true identity. She is older than Brushy, but not so much older as to explain why she doesn’t recognize him from her own past. So far, the reason is a mystery.

Flossy has a “wandering adventurer” nature and has teamed up with Brushy as he is the first being like herself she has found. She is somewhat taller and quite a bit fitter than he is.

Created by: Vector Toons