Cavity Cat


Brushy Bear’s nemesis in our world, Cavity Cat was sent by Strutty Stork to stop Brushy from completing his tasks and returning to Cassiovia. Seeing Brushy focus on cleaning children’s teeth for those tasks, Cavity Cat proceeded to get ahead of his opponent. Cavity Cat undoes or creates work for Brushy by damaging children’s teeth before the bear gets there.

Cavity Cat is stocky, would rather be sleeping, and is grumpy because of it. He does not enjoy his work and secretly resents Strutty Stork for making him take on this role.

Lonely and antisocial, Cavity Cat is cunning and quick to act when he gets an idea. He is not deliberately malicious but is willing to go along with a strong leader for acceptance. His appearance is unpleasant and most people do not want to be around him.

Created by: Vector Toons