Brushy Bear


Brushy Bear is a small, young, and unlikely hero from the world of Cassiovia. His father, the king, is very ill. Brushy was tricked into entering our world by his unexpected enemy, Strutty Stork, who convinced him eating a magic root would help cure his father. Brushy blacked out and woke up here. Strutty wants Brushy to remain out of the way so he can run the kingdom himself as Chief Advisor.

Brushy has amnesia caused by the root and does not remember his past. He has a mohawk, however, that indicates his royal leader lineage.

Brushy Bear is good-natured, honest, but naive. He is inexperienced with interpersonal relationships, and believes in an “If you’re nice to people, they’ll be nice back to you” philosophy. This Golden Rule guides his behavior, and he does not yet understand that someone could think and behave differently.

Although at the beginning of his journey Brushy is unaware of it, he must complete a number of tasks to overcome the root’s spell and return to Cassiovia. A big part of this is being of service to others. At the beginning of his friendship with Flossy Fox, he discovered he could clean sleeping children’s teeth by jumping into their mouths and vigorously using his mohawk as a brush.

Created by: Vector Toons